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  • The application facilitates users to view various car models
  • As per the selected Car Model, user can view :
    1. Car Details - model name, make, image
    2. Picture Gallery
    3. Video
    4. Prospectus PDF
    5. Price PDF
  • User can also view news regarding new Car Models arrived
  • User can share Picture with Social Medias like Facebook and Twitter
  • User can view Magazines details in form of eBook like - Magazine Title, Cover Page of the Magazine, Date of Publish, Number of Pages, Description about the Magazine etc.
  • User can read the Magazine with the images and description and adjust settings for reading
  • User can click on links for brabus to view list of links like
    1. Super Cars
    2. Car for Sale
    3. Brabus Home
    4. Tuning For Mercedes Benz
  • Tapping on link enables user browse the Brabus site


  • Software development Kit: iPhone SDK 3.0
  • Programming language: Objective C
  • IDE: Xcode
  • iPhone database: SQL Lite.
  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5