Group Dealer


  • Application provide auto dealer information to user.
  • Application vendor can sale application to each dealer with minor changes.
  • Application provide auto information like old and new car trading.
  • Users can view cars in sale with price range.
  • Users can provide their interest in car but sending email to dealer from selected car screen.
  • User can send request to set up meeting with sales person.
  • User can search car with different category and location.
  • User can view car photo, car technical detail.


  • Software development Kit: iPhone SDK 3.0
  • Programming language: Objective C
  • IDE: Xcode
  • iPhone database: SQL Lite.
  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5

Server Side Technology

  • Language: C#.Net (ASP.NET) 2.0
  • Database: MS SQL 2005.