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Panic Security


  • This application comes handy in situations of extremem emergency/dangerous situations
  • The user can send the captured data from his iPhone handset along with his GPS location details automatically to a social site
  • For this the user has to pre-select his preferred social networking website – and make it either public or private
  • User can set the time interval to send pictures automatically by sselecting time from the dropdown box and saving it
  • This application is password enabled to prevent misuse
  • As soon as this application is opened, the user can tap anywhere on the iPhone screen and it will capture the photo and GPS location of the user
  • The application will then send the captured data on the server along with the user ID information


  • Software Development Kit: iPhone SDK 3.2
  • Programming language: Objective C
  • IDE: Xcode
  • iPhone database: SQL Lite.
  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6