Cross Platform
Mobile Application

Get access to high quality cross platform application Development for mobile

Years of experience in different platforms has made IADI a key player in developing applications suitable across different platforms. Cross platform development is high on demand nowadays, owing to the growth of open source technologies like - Java. It paves the way for developers to work on multi-platform application development.

IADI specializes in HTML 5, Javascript, CSS3 and other such technologies to fulfill the demand of Cross platform mobile app. With the help of various open source frameworks and cross platform tools, it gains access native APIs of different mobile and smartphone devices for further development.


Why Universal Cross Platform Application Development?

  • Cross-platform mobile frameworks being open source has support from a large community of developers
  • Increases sales/profits
  • Augments your brand like never before
  • Users can have access the apps from various places instead of one
  • Once written, used everywhere coding of app – saves lot of development time
  • Distribute same app to a huge user base
  • Achieve more diversity on different app development platforms
  • Get option of integrating native features of smartphones/mobiles
  • User can now buy app once and use it on any mobile or web platform that supports it

IADI and cross platform mobile app development:

We provide our clients with numerous cross platform apps, customized for major smartphone OS like - iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows, Palm OS and Blackberry. By hiring us for your cross-platform mobile apps, reduce your development and support cost by 60%!

We offer multiple cross platform mobile app development across various categories:

News, Business, Utilities, Productivity, Finance, Games, Books, Media/Entertainment,
Photo/Video, Travel , Health and others

Reasons to avail universal cross platform application development from IADI:

  • Comfortable with IDEs like - Visual Studio, Xcode, XML editors, Apple Interface Builder, Netbeans, Eclipse and VC++
  • Well trained programmer teams for hire, who develop cross platform apps for different devices
  • Industry standard superior coding
  • Feature rich apps that are - robust, secure and most importantly, scalable
  • Proficiency in open source and propriety software development

Achieve your desired cross platform development from IADI at an affordable rate. Get in touch with our development teams to maximize your profits, as well as get 100% satisfaction from the quality of our products and services.