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Apple iPhone iOS 4 features

Mobile industry is festooned with many popular mobile companies in the modern times and the shining star is Apple Inc. with feature rich iPhone. Leaving behind in providing unique & useful features the company has recently blasted with iOS 4 (operating system). This amazing innovation has bridged up all previous gaps with new more than 100 features. The new iPhone iOS 4 features has positioned the iPhone standalone in the smart phone world and the iPhone users are thrilled as well as adding up new iPhone users rapidly. The mobile market is accelerated with iPhone 4 means iPhone with iOS 4, which is also compatible with previous versions of the iPhone. The iPhone app developers / programmers are allowed to use the new features of iOS 4 with previous models of iPhone.

There are 100 new features and the few common & useful amazing new features of iOS 4 / iOS 4 beta’s are as follows.

Apple iPhone
  • Mail – sending and receiving mail is very ordinary, but very significant feature for every iPhone user, in this feature user can group several emails in the single folder separately just according to conversation thread. Moreover, mails can be operated by the third party applications.
  • Folders – now iPhone user can manage up to 2160 apps in the folder with dragging & dropping facility and faster access & browsing, 
  • iBooks – now it is not just a eBook  reader the iPhone user can browse and shop for books, day or night.
  • Gift apps – iPhone user can send the apps as gifts to near & dear ones.
  • Multitasking – this is a most important feature, which allows the user to use third party apps and instantly switch between them without draining the battery or slowing down the performance of the foreground app. The other services of multitasking feature are local notifications, task completion, audio, location, push notifications and VoIP.
  • Create playlists – user can use now custom playlists
  • 5x digital zoom – now iPhone user can zoom the subject up to 5x
  • Spell checking - the useful built in dictionary for checking spelling mistakes that work in Mail, Notes, and other apps.
  • Tap to focus video – just a tap for setting up the focus in video shooting
  • Home screen Wallpaper – iPhone 4 user can change the background with new wall papers

With wide range of new iOS 4 features and technical help from official SDK 4 the iPhone app developers / programmers can provide amazing work in the iPhone 4 and previous versions of iPhone due to easy compatibility.